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Updated: Aug 10, 2023

A pretty black female with her hair freshly done.

The lackadaisical days of COVID, have left more than a horrible economy and normalized bad customer service. But many women are opting out of traditional salon services, and taking on YouTube University to solve their hair dilemmas. And I am here to say, some, not all, but some of you need to stop. Take a step back a reflect on the purpose behind self-care and personal maintenance. I humbly present to you, 5 reasons why you, should always keep your hair done.

1. It’s a sign of self-love.

The adage is true, people treat you, how you treat yourself. When COVID happened, salons nationwide were shut down, as were many businesses that were considered, “nonessential”. During this 4 month's lockdown, going out in pajamas was not only accepted but seemingly encouraged based on news reports. As women of high value, we hope you didn’t fall into this trap. I woman of the class would never, be seen out in public in something she slept in, period. The same mentality should be true of how you maintain your hair. It should always be well-kept, no matter what’s going on in the world. Self-love is maintaining your standards, even those standards of your self-image, and keeping them high.

2. Your D.I.Y. attempt may not be as successful as you think.

You could be committing social suicide by unknowingly wearing an ugly install. Let me explain, as much as we like to think of the people around us as non-superficial, the truth is, no matter how nice you are, in this society your appearance matters. What’s worse is that most people won’t tell you this to your face, instead, they’ll just use your D.I.Y. hairstyle as a good reason to avoid you. Especially if it’s really bad.

3. Bad hair can ruin your love life.

I could write an entire book filled with examples of how bad hair ruined someone’s chances at love, or even landing a job. I guess the reason why bad hair and dull love life are connected is that men tend to be very visual creatures. If you’re out on a date and your lace is doing anything embarrassing, your date may suffer secondhand embarrassment. Bad hair can also take you out of girlfriend consideration, and put you in a category of women he’s just not that interested in.

4. If your hair isn’t maintained or professionally done, you may not be able to demand the respect you want or feel like you deserve.

A sophisticated woman with sew in extensions.

Your hair and how you choose to style and adorn it, frame your face, like a crown. When a person decides that their errand was more important than first correctly presenting themselves is often reciprocated by people showing disrespect or disregard. Sometimes this is an unconscious response, but people who don’t take care of their hygiene or maintain their appearance are often disrespected by others. This is especially true for women in today’s society, who are expected to be at least presentable if in public.

5. It sets a standard for the lifestyle you ultimately want.

When you reach a point in self-development in which you realize that even though it would be more cost-effective to do your hair while being coached by The University of YouTube, but deciding to sc5 reasons why a Baddie will always keep their hair done.hedule an appointment with a professional because you untimely value your time and personal image, more. Leaving the job to a licensed beauty professional who has invested the time in their craft and who is knowledgeable in creating the styles of your dreams without damaging your natural hair. A true baddie knows when to go to the salon, which is always. By maintaining a beautiful maintained look, your future or current love will know your standards and work to maintain them. By getting and keeping your hair pretty and professionally maintained your essentially letting the world know you are a valuable queen who knows her worth.

By Ashley B

It's official. You and your girls have finally booked your Las Vegas vacation package and in just a few weeks time, you and your girls will be turnt up, having the time of your lives. So now that the easy part is out of the way, the real challenge begins... Like... what are you going to wear? How is your hair going to be, do hotels still provide those teeny tiny shampoo and conditioner's anymore? Well luckily for you, we've created a practical packing guide for bad b*tches (like you), with all the packing tips and tricks you'll need to ensure you have an epic fun and safe trip.

First things, first…

You'll need a few pairs of shoes…

We've thought long and hard about what makes for a terrible experience on the Las Vegas Strip, and one of the most preventable yet diabolical situation is a pair of uncomfortable, cheap heels. There is absolutely nothing worse than swine feet. Imagine being 100,000 feet away from your hotel room and your cute $20 clear heels just broke and its 2 am, and your in the middle of a club... I could keep going, but hopefully you get the picture. You'll want to invest in some really nice shoes for your trip not just cute, feel me?

As far as shoes go, you'll want to bring at least 3 pair:

  • An athletic such as a sneaker or canvas tennis shoe

  • A pair of slides, sandals or crocs.

  • A nice pair of heels.

A sneaker, like an Nike Air Force One is an ideal choice to wear when your exploring the Las Vegas Strip with your friends. It's perfect because the all enclosed design protect your precious pedicures while your literally walking though crowds of people.

Pro Tip: Wearing a sneaker instead of sandals while walking the Las Vegas Strip is ideal if you want to keep the heels of your feet clean and avoid swine feet.

You'll want to save your slides, sandals and crocs for chilling poolside. Crocs are an ideal choice when it comes to hanging out poolside or at day parties, have all your girls wear cute crocs that way no one will have to take their shoes off and no one has stay back to watch anyone's shoes.

Pro Tip - for hygienic and personal care reasons we wouldn’t recommend going into any public pool barefoot.

You'll want to have a pair of heels for when you want to step out, trust us. The swagger displayed in Las Vegas on a daily basis is unmatched, so if you don’t want to blend in, that’s okay, Vegas is one of those fun places where you can dress up as you’d like. We'd recommend a well made strappy heel, pump, or for those concerned about comfort, a nice wedge. Do not wear kitten heels to the club, please and thank you.

The fits

Fashion is a ting in Las Vegas, you don't necessarily have to wear designer but you'll want to take your time and pick outfits that are coordinated, fresh and compliment your body shape. Consider these on trend fashion choices for your upcoming Las Vegas getaway the matching set, the bling and the Little Black Dress.

The Matching Set

You can never really go wrong with a matching set. They’ve quick, fun and easy. And everyone will think you tried, when you really didn’t. Win-Win.

Here’s a couple of matching set styling options:

Sweet 🍭

Spicy 🌶

The Bling

When it comes to glam in Vegas, you can never really do too much. Vegas is the perfect occasion to wear that over the top blinged out feather ensemble that’s been collection dust in the back of your closet.

The Little Black Dress/LBD

Packing a Little Black Dress is always a good thing, and this is true whether your destination is Vegas or where-ever. You can multipurpose this bad boy for practically any occasion while looking and feeling your best.


You’ll definitely want to bring at least at least one bathing suit you feel gorgeous in. And it’s a good idea to take your swim suit a step further and just get a matching out-fit (many swim suits now have a matching robe or sarong that you may purchase with your suit) or a versatile pool cover up, that way you can transition from a day party to an impromptu walk down the strip.

Bring the good vibes and some mace just in case

Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world for a reason, you can have an amazing and memorable experience. But we wouldn’t be your friend if we didn’t warn you about the potential dangers.

Pro Tip: Vegas is probably not the best travel destination for the female solo traveler since you’ll need someone to have your back or our couples traveling alone with small children since without a designated baby sitter since their is limited child care options.

You’ll definitely want to come with the positive vibes since Vegas is a melting pot with people from all different backgrounds. For the most part you’ll want to stay with your group or at least another person while exploring the strip if you’re a female. If you are with your girls or have to make an impromptu solo trip it may be a good idea to always have a personal self defense kit or bottle of pepper spray on you while roaming the strip, better safe than sorry.

The Essentials

For your convenience, we‘ve created a list of all of the essential things you’ll need for your upcoming trip:


  • 1-2 pair of Jeans

  • 1-2 pair of shorts

  • Matching Set

  • 1-2 pairLeggings

  • Cardigan/Jean Jacket

  • 2 Casual Sundresses

  • Bling Dress

  • Little Black Dress

  • Bathing Suit

  • Bathing Suit Cover

  • Underwear

  • Pajamas


  • Costume Jewelry

  • Hat

  • Sunglasses

  • Bundles

  • Wig


  • Make Up Bag

  • Curling Iron

  • Flat Iron

  • Comb/Brush/Clips/Ties

  • Face Wash/Moisturizer

  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste

  • Mouth Wash

  • Deodorant/Antiperspirant

  • Body Wash

  • Body Spray

  • Perfume

  • Lotion

  • Sunscreen

  • Eye Drops

  • Nail Glue

  • Eye Lash Fan

  • Lash Glue

  • Tums, Tylenol, Band-Aids

  • Personal Fan


  • Athletic Shoes

  • Slides, Sandals, Crocs

  • A good pair of heels


  • Extra charging cord

  • Camera

  • Extra SD Cards

  • External Phone Battery

  • Selfie Stick

  • Self Defense Kit ( do not bring with, if you are flying into town)


It should no longer be mystery as far as what you’ll need to pack in order to ensure a fun and safe Las Vegas getaway. Now don’t forget: the shoes, the fits, the bathing suits, bundle, wig, your essential and a good attitude.

BONUS: You'll need a little time and shopping money.

When you come to town you should probably plan for a little shopping and personal care. No matter what your budget is you can find some pretty amazing fashion scores here are few fun good shopping options along with their price point to check out while you’re in town.

If you’re from a small town that doesn’t offer sew in weave or wig installs or even if you love a good sew in, you could use your girls trip as an opportunity to get sew in or beauty services done. Las Vegas is known for its beaIf this is your goal be sure to pack your bundles and wig for your install. You could choose to use a professional

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

by Ashley B

Las Vegas, Nevada is an international beauty hub attracting lovers of fashion since it’s origins, back in the day when the rich and famous would sneak away to the quiet desert oasis to relax, unwind, and soak in the Las Vegas sun; draped in their day’s latest and most fashionable garb. The same is true today, we are reporting the most popular and eye catching trends seen among stylish Las Vegas locals and tourist.

Fleeky Nails

Here in Vegas, nails are a definitely thing. Trust us, people look at your hands and and feet (if they're out). If your intentions are to make the best first impressions possible, your nails should be at minimum, clean and groomed. Las Vegas women and men are known to treat themselves to a regular mani or pedi on a monthly or weekly basis. Self care and good hygiene are a thing.

Professionally groomed nails are an easy way to enhance any look, especially with the new techniques that are both dreamy and awe inspiring. Some of these techniques include metallic chrome nails, ombre sets, and clear nail sets to nail a few. These looks can be attained by going to a professional nail bar, or you can purchase pre-made nail kits from your local beauty supply and apply them with care at home.

Lace Wigs

Do you guys remember when people used to their noses to the sky, at the idea of wearing a wig in public? I do. I remember being told, wigs were for "old" people, and they would never. Oh, how times have changed, lace wigs are one of the biggest beauty trends happening at the moment and people of all ages love the versatility and flawless final looks.

Lace wigs mimic the way natual hair grows from the scalp flawlessly and when installed properly a wig can be un-clockable, even to the most well-trained eye, all while protecting the wearer's natural hair. The styling options are literally limitless, any color, texture, length can be done. Lace wigs can be professionally installed and sewn down securely, that way if you live an active or dramatic lifestyle you won't have to worry about your wig being able to be snatched or otherwise.


Lashes, in general are making a major comeback. It makes sense, especially since this little trend helps enhance a woman’s beauty dramatically. Here in Vegas, we are utterly obsessed with our lashes! There are so many options, from professional installation which can range from $100+ and requires regular touch ups, or you can choose to use strips which is self applied and can be purchased at your local beauty supply.

Bold Color

Bold, vivid and unusual hair color is an awesome way to express yourself and a major beauty trend in Las Vegas for 2022. Hues ranging from the iciest blondes, balayage and ombres, to fire engine reds or rose golds, expressing yourself though unexpected colors and tones are an awesome way to stand out and express yourself. Vivid colors can be achieved by sew-in weaves, custom units or by using your natural hair. We would only recommend a professional application of any hair color on natural hair or premium extensions.

The best part of living in Las Vegas is the beauty and extraordinary that surrounds us daily. If you want to enhance your look in Las Vegas fashion this new year we hope our trend report provides some inspiration as you tailor your own unique personal style.

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