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Las Vegas' hottest New Year beauty trends for 2022

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

by Ashley B

Las Vegas, Nevada is an international beauty hub attracting lovers of fashion since it’s origins, back in the day when the rich and famous would sneak away to the quiet desert oasis to relax, unwind, and soak in the Las Vegas sun; draped in their day’s latest and most fashionable garb. The same is true today, we are reporting the most popular and eye catching trends seen among stylish Las Vegas locals and tourist.

Fleeky Nails

Here in Vegas, nails are a definitely thing. Trust us, people look at your hands and and feet (if they're out). If your intentions are to make the best first impressions possible, your nails should be at minimum, clean and groomed. Las Vegas women and men are known to treat themselves to a regular mani or pedi on a monthly or weekly basis. Self care and good hygiene are a thing.

Professionally groomed nails are an easy way to enhance any look, especially with the new techniques that are both dreamy and awe inspiring. Some of these techniques include metallic chrome nails, ombre sets, and clear nail sets to nail a few. These looks can be attained by going to a professional nail bar, or you can purchase pre-made nail kits from your local beauty supply and apply them with care at home.

Lace Wigs

Do you guys remember when people used to their noses to the sky, at the idea of wearing a wig in public? I do. I remember being told, wigs were for "old" people, and they would never. Oh, how times have changed, lace wigs are one of the biggest beauty trends happening at the moment and people of all ages love the versatility and flawless final looks.

Lace wigs mimic the way natual hair grows from the scalp flawlessly and when installed properly a wig can be un-clockable, even to the most well-trained eye, all while protecting the wearer's natural hair. The styling options are literally limitless, any color, texture, length can be done. Lace wigs can be professionally installed and sewn down securely, that way if you live an active or dramatic lifestyle you won't have to worry about your wig being able to be snatched or otherwise.


Lashes, in general are making a major comeback. It makes sense, especially since this little trend helps enhance a woman’s beauty dramatically. Here in Vegas, we are utterly obsessed with our lashes! There are so many options, from professional installation which can range from $100+ and requires regular touch ups, or you can choose to use strips which is self applied and can be purchased at your local beauty supply.

Bold Color

Bold, vivid and unusual hair color is an awesome way to express yourself and a major beauty trend in Las Vegas for 2022. Hues ranging from the iciest blondes, balayage and ombres, to fire engine reds or rose golds, expressing yourself though unexpected colors and tones are an awesome way to stand out and express yourself. Vivid colors can be achieved by sew-in weaves, custom units or by using your natural hair. We would only recommend a professional application of any hair color on natural hair or premium extensions.

The best part of living in Las Vegas is the beauty and extraordinary that surrounds us daily. If you want to enhance your look in Las Vegas fashion this new year we hope our trend report provides some inspiration as you tailor your own unique personal style.


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