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Service as It Should Be

Our Cancellation policy:


A deposit is required for services at time of booking. Typically we require at minimum a credit card on file to book an appointment.

A 35% deposit minimum is required for all Diva Packages at time of booking, this deposit will be applied to the total amount of the Diva Package with the remainder to be paid on or before appointment date.

All deposits are considered Non-Refundable. If Sew Pretty Hair cannot perform their services in whole or in part due to a fire or other casualty, acts of God or nature or terror, or other causes beyond their control, due to the stylist’s injury or illness- Sew Pretty Hair will refund all fees, less the non-refundable deposit to the Client.

If the client cancels appointment after paying booking deposit and confirming appointment date, the Non-Refundable deposit is forfeited and will not be refunded under any circumstances. The forfeited deposit will be used to compensate the our stylist for loss of income, suffered by reserving the requested appointment date for that particular client.

Refund Policy:

Our intent is for each customer to be 100% satisfied with our services. Returns and refunds are limited to the following situations: 

1. Services received cannot be refunded.

2. Refunds will only be considered if presented within 7 days of purchase. Products can only be refunded if unused and in its original packaging. If product is opened or used it is possible that a restocking fee will be charged. Refunds can only be processed with receipt.

3. No refunds are given for gift card orders.

4. Gift card orders or Yelp deals are not exchangeable.

5. Credit for future services must be used within 2 weeks of original service. After 2 weeks client may receive a credit in the amount of $15 towards future service.

Customer Discomfort Policy:

Sew-In Weaves and Extensions are known for being a little uncomfortable during the immediate days following a fresh install. If you are new to Sew-In Weaves this discomfort is typically normal, as your scalp adjust to the tension and weight of the new style.

This initial period usually last about 72 hours.Customers may also experience itchiness on occasion, this is normal for all sew-ins.

If you are experiencing discomfort and it is intolerable please contact your stylist ASAP. (702) 900-3689

Unfortunately clients who experience discomfort associated with their sew-in weave or extensions are not subjected to a refund for services received.

Our Safety Policy:

Due to the personal nature of our business we have policies in place to protect our stylist. In Las Vegas, safety is a huge concern and for that reason if a client does not comply with the Terms of Our Safety Policy, Sew Pretty Hair reserves the right to refuse service.

All new clients must provide their Full, True and Legal name when booking an appointment.

As a security precaution all new clients must submit a Photo ID, or a form of  Self Identification deemed appropriate by Sew Pretty Hair staff.

All new clients must submit a mobile request form, prior to receiving any mobile service.

Not all areas in Las Vegas are serviced. If a client is requesting an appointment at a location that is not serviced by Sew Pretty Hair, client may choose to schedule an In-Salon Appointment.

During an Appointment, our Stylist reserves the right to cancel an appointment and refuse service, to any client at any point during the service especially due to bizarre behavior. Bizarre behavior will not be tolerated, we will promptly cancel the appointment at that point and client will be unable to book with Sew Pretty Hair in the future.

Warranty at Sew Pretty Hair

Our Policy

This is your Warranty Disclaimer section. It’s a great place to inform your customers about all the services that are offered once they buy one of your products. This section should include all the relevant information about the way your customers should use or manage the products they purchased on your site. The disclaimer is legally binding, so use straightforward language to gain their trust and loyalty.